Is there any relationship between people’s mood and the food they eat especially breakfast?

I have done a personal experiment and my conclusions are that when i eat curry, mas huni or hedhikaa for breakfast i tend to get more irritated easily and affects my energy level for that day.

In the case of Mas Huni, if i eat them for breakie i am unable to escape it as it keeps on regurgitating and feels like you are eating Mas Huni the whole day even till i go to bed. Once i realized it i have stopped eating Mas Huni for breakfast. It also causes heartburn.

Curry is similar to Mas Huni except you wouldnt feel it regurgitating but it is that annoying curry burps which i do not like. Imagine you are in an important meeting and you give out a curry burp and letting everyone know you had curry for breakie. hehe. It also kinda ruins the appetite of the others.

Based on my personal experience it is better to have a continental breakie with bread, eggs and sausages and orange juice than to go for a typical maldivian breakfast. With continental you feel more energetic, you avoid the annoying curry burps and the heartburn. Also you feel less irritated and more focused throughout the day.

I also believe that in general, our diet also plays a vital role in the aggressive behaviour of the people. When one is feeling uncomfortable he is more likely to be aggressive and violent.

Would welcome thoughts from other bloggers on this post.