How many MPs does it take to change a lightbulb

April 9, 2009

This is a post which i created last year. I thought i would recreate it since the whole country is palimentary election mania. The funny thing is no one seems to be bothered about the state of our economy despite the current economic crisis which is crippling the world economy (us too).

(Note: MP refer to member of parliament)

1 MP to buy and change the light bulb

1 MP to bring the issue of changing the light bulb to the majlis and the importance of changing the light bulb

10 MPs to argue that light bulb cannot be changed as long as Gayoom is in power and we should remove him from power if we are to change the light bulb

15 MPs to argue that the current light bulb has worked for the last 30 years and there is no need to change it.

10 MPs to argue the current light bulb is not a light bulb it actually is a “fulhi baththi”.

10 MPs to argue that it, in fact, is a light bulb and not a “fulhi baththi” and it works perfectly fine and should not be changed.

10 MPs to raise “Nizaamee Nukuthaa” that other all MDP affiliated members are engaged in personal attacks and wasting Majlis time.

2 MPs to argue that according to islam changing a perfectly working light bulb is against the religion and no such act should be carried out.

2 MPs to argue that islam does support the changing of light bulbs and those who oppose this are puppets of Gayoom Regime.

1 MP to throw filth that starts with “NAGOO BALHAA” at one of the MPs

1 MP to file a court case against one MP for throwing a filth that starts with “NAGOO BALHAA” at him during the light bulb discussion.

1 MP to record the quarrel and upload the alleged filthy conversation on the internet.

1 Sensible MP to suggest that we just need to go to SONEE Hardware and buy an OSRAM brand light bulb, suggesting that it is both economic and environmentally friendly, and there is no need for a discussion on it in the first place.

2 MPs to argue that buying it from SONEE is not the solution as there are many legal considerations that need to be taken into account.

1 MP to stand up on the desk and argue with the Speaker of Majlis that he is being treated unfairly.

1 Speaker of Majlis to close the discussion and ask for a voting on the issue

20 MPs to vote for changing the light bulb

10 MPs to avoid voting on the issue.

5 MPs to walkout without participating in the voting.

26 MPs to vote against changing the light bulb.

1 MP to forget to insert the key to participate in the voting and later complain that his voting system doesn’t work.

2 MPs to sleep during the voting process and later dismiss newspaper reports that they slept during the majlis voting.

1 Speaker of Majlis to annouce the voting results and changing the light bulb has failed to gain the required number of votes and thus light bulb cannot be changed.

6 months later the government brings the issue to the majlis after the whole Maldives goes into a blackout and the discussion starts all over again. The issue gets the required votes from MPs with many compromises. Finally light bulb is changed with a cheap Chinese brand light bulb bought from “ABADHAH SALE Fihaara”.


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