The problem with the maldivians…

April 7, 2009

Maldivians are a proud bunch of people and we have reasons to be proud as well. However, i believe there are two problems , according to my observations, that are responsible for the current state of us. I believe if we can get rid of these two problems, it will immensely help us, Maldivians, in moving forward to a better future.

According to my observations, a large percentage of maldivians;

1 – are all-knowing – We tend to know everything about anything. Even the person with basic education can tell you how to set the economic policy, foreign policy, and how to best set the foreign exchange system. we tend to know too much about everything. And it all gets scary when my mom tends to know the psychological diseases that i have and how it can be cured . Wonder  how many moms, dads and others  are out there who know stuff too much. It also bothers me why we have to spend so much on expat doctors and teachers when we are so many of these “All-knowing” people. We could have saved so many millions of dollars if we can recruit them instead of bringing these expats who represent outflow of valuable foreign currency.

2 – suffer from Jaw Moving  Before the Brain (JMBB) – based on my observations, a lot of maldivians suffer from a genetic disease, which i call, Jaw Moving Before Brain (JMBB for short) which  results from the nervous system sending signals to the jaw before sending the signal to the brain. The major symptons of JMBB sufferers are that they;

(i) Will talk, what appears to be, nonsense most of the time, lacking in content

(ii) will be shouting to make his/her point as if you are deaf

(iii) As the name says, the jaw will move before the brain leading them to join you on a discussion or debate you without even needing to listen to what  you might have to say.

(iv) in intense debates – the latter stages will be marked by weired sounds and more shouting till you accept defeat.

My advice, stay away from these sort of people. Accept defeat gracefully.


We surely need awareness campaigns to address these issues before they ruin us, the maldivians.


4 Responses to “The problem with the maldivians…”

  1. Anonymous said

    JMBB? Don’t call it that. Too many flaws.

    1. Brain never moves … never, unless maybe if the person is dead (by liquefaction in that case) or in the case of a very bad car accident.

    2. Nervous system doesn’t send the above said signals, the brain does; brain being part of the nervous system.

    3. Genetic? Then we are doomed and your “I believe if we can get rid of these two problems” can’t be acheived.

    Points (i)-(iv) are Ok. 🙂 Just don’t call it JMBB.

    Just using my brain here. 🙂

  2. ANONYMOUS said

    hehe funny post! i like it..

    @ anonymouse

    lets not get all technical about this…lts not try to ruine the little bit of humour in our lives.

  3. mondae said

    thanks guys for the comments….

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